Halle Nahla Gabriel

Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry have been at odds since they split, with each one defending their rights to see and parent their little girl Nahla. Just recently Mr. Aubry had a little bit of a run in with the nanny, who is making claims that he pushed her after a verbal altercation went a little too far.

The nanny in question made claims that Halle’s baby daddy Gabriel pushed her while holding their young daughter, and now Halle has been formally interviewed by the Los Angeles Police Department.

It’s been said that though Halle was neither a witness or an accomplice to the push, she has still complied with the law enforcement agency and intends to help the nanny’s voice be heard. “Investigators interviewed Halle for about an hour. Even though she wasn’t a witness to the event that occurred with the nanny and Gabriel, she has a very strong narrative about what the nanny had told her had been occurring over the past several months. Halle wanted law enforcement to have all relevant information.”