Shaunie O'Neal

About a week ago, Shaquille O’Neal was making headlines over an incident that is a few years old. After allegedly ordering some Los Angeles gang members to rob and pistol whip Shaq’s old friend Robert Ross, after he had threatened releasing a sex tape of the NBA baller with multiple women (who were not his wife at the time).

Now, reports have revealed that not only did this man threaten Shaq with these accounts of his promiscuity, but Ross also offered up the tape to Shaunie O’Neal.

Shaunie shared the details with TMZ, stating that Robert Ross tried to sell her the tape, but the Basketball Wives star wasn’t having it. This same man also tried to claim Ms. O’Neal as having a relationship with him after her split from the now retired basketball player.

“Shaunie says she never saw any footage — and can’t confirm if it actually exists — but says she turned Ross down flat because she “wanted nothing to do with it.”