If you plan on spending the bulk of your coins from Uncle Sam on purchasing a premium lace front wig and a year’s supply of MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick Katrina LaVerne is here to endorse the perfect tax service for you.


Last week, we laughed at the thought of Trina posing as the spokeswoman for Tax USA but she’s neither the first, nor will she be the last rapper to appear in a questionable advertisement. Artists pairing up with companies and brands have been on the rise since Run-DMC kicked in the doors at the adidas offices and walked out of there with a check and bundles of apparel. And as the number of rappers getting endorsements increased, the more bizarre the results have been. Here are seven bizarre deals we can remember. Feel free to add your own memories to the list.


1. Warren G For Affirm XL Male Enhancement Pills

Warren G had folks wondering about his junk when he started pushing penis pills to the public early last year. The Affirm XL pitchman made four commercials for the company, each one more awkward than the next with super-creative one liners like “I take My Affirm XL and now I got to regulate.” He later came out to say that he didn’t have any issues with his “regulator” but the damage had already been done.


2. Lil Wayne For Strapped Condoms

In 2008, Lil Wayne started hawking J Prince’s Strapped Condoms. In 2008, Wayne sired Dwayne Carter III. In 2009, Wayne sired two more kids by two different women. Either these condoms were ineffective as f*ck or, contrary to one of the company’s slogan, Wayne doesn’t like to stay strapped.


3. Method Man For Sour Patch Kids

In an interview with VIBE last year, Method Man said he wanted to distance himself from marijuana, citing his children as the reason for the disassociation. Then he does a commercial Sour Patch Kids candy. Funny because even though the D.A.R.E program worked for me and I’ve never puff puff passed anything, Sour Patch Kids just seems like something I’d want large quantities of if I were high.


4. P. Diddy For Proactiv Solutions

I don’t know how in the fuck this came about but I suppose even the devil needs to “moisturize his situation” and “preserve his sexy.” On top of shooting a commercial for Proactiv in ’06, Puff went one step further and did a glowing review of the product in a drunken YouTube video where he essentially proclaims “First!” over other skin care advocates Lilo and Jessica Simpson. Yeah, you go Diddy.


5. A Whole Lot Of Rappers For Rap Snacks Potato Chips

Some clever soul had the novel idea of creating Hip Hop’s official brand of unhealthy snacks. Nevermind the rappers illustrated on the packages or the thought-provoking but completely unrelated phrases….The point is, we finally had a company who understood Hip-Hop’s love for Honey BBQ flavored foods. Why they never dabbled in the sunflower seeds market? No idea.


6. Memphis Bleek For Garnier Fructis Shampoo

In THE most bizarre and left field Hip-Hop endorsement deal of all time, in 2008, Memphis Bleek found himself rapping the praises of Garnier’s Fructis Shampoo. Luckily for him, Ed Lover’s “C’mon Son” series hadn’t premiered yet because if there was EVER a moment where “C’mon Son!” needed to be said…Bleek’s shilling of shampoo was the moment! But he might want to link back up with the company again now that he’s getting pushed out of Jay’s will, one baby at a time.


7. Jay-Z For Duracell PowerMat

With other many endorsement deals already under his belt, it’s being reported that Jay is now endorsing the Duracell PowerMat. PowerMat, before it got into bed with Duracell, was a sh*tty wireless charging system that lets you charge your devices wirelessly when placed on their special mat. But now that they’re with Duracell, I guess the mat will now be less sh*tty and Jay’s stamp of approval will make it cooler. Aside from being an investor, I don’t understand Jay hawking battery chargers. But hey, I didn’t understand him hawking Hewlett Packard notebooks, Bing (which turned out to be very clever and lucrative campaign) or his own S. Cartershoes with Reebok (because seriously, we all know Jay’s a Nikehead) but it all worked out, right?