Is This The Woman Behind The Fight That Put Chad Ochocinco's Wedding Plans On Hold?

It’s all good now, but just a few days Evelyn Lozada was having second thoughts about marrying Ochocinco because of his dirty dog ways.

And this woman may have been the hoe-straw that broke the attention sloring camel’s back, BOSSIP has learned exclusively.

Her name is Haiya Rodriguez and according to our sources, she has been having an affair with Ocho since Super Bowl Weekend. And she may have actually been in the picture almost as long as Evelyn.

The story is that Chad and Haiya, who is “professionally” known as Cuban Luxury, met via Twitter in mid-2010. Unfortunately, despite all of their attempts to organize some kind of sexcapade, they weren’t able to be in the same city at the same time until Superbowl 2011. Chad had flown into Dallas a few days before Evelyn and was trying to get Haiya, who lives in Dallas, to come visit him. She protested because of the crazy icy weather, saying she didn’t want to risk driving her car in those conditions.

The day Evelyn’s arrival in Dallas that weekend, Chad allegedly sent his NFL-provided chauffeur to pick Haiya up, took her shopping, took her to lunch and checked in with her at the Hotel Joule. Despite the fact that he hadn’t paid for anything other than lunch that day, Haiya spent the night and was ushered out of the hotel as Evelyn was arriving the next morning.

Our source says Haiya didn’t hear much from Chad for the rest of the weekend, until she threatened to stop speaking to him if he didn’t cough up some cash. (We’re sure he was much more concerned about her running her mouth than her being out of his life.) On Super Bowl Sunday, Chad supposedly finally gave in, having Haiya pick up some money from the valet of their hotel while he and Evelyn watched the game from their room.

Two weeks later, while Evelyn was sharing the super romantic surprise she got from Ocho for Valentine’s Day, Haiya was enjoying her own gift from him: $2000. According to our source, the relationship between Haiya and Chad never stopped and he is still flying her in to various cities for sex and sending her money when possible.

Of course, this not the first time an alleged Ochocinco sidepiece has popped up since his “relationship” with Evelyn started. Do you think their reconcilitation is going to make him change his dirty dog ways?

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We dont blame Ocho Cot DAMN!