I have no comments I think she has everyone’s attention now…she can STOP!!!


7 thoughts on “Khanyi Mbau POSES NUDE AGAIN!!!”

  1. ooh jerusalem!! Can u hear our prayers khanyie mbau z insane*just worried of de parents & de child*she mst b punished realy*

  2. Ngegama lika Jesu, Lord Jesus christ please help khanyi mbau not to show of or allow the public to see your temple, Amen

  3. Wow what a lovely body,yeah she is a bitch so what? If you don’t wanna know or see anything about her ,never go or try to read about her,just let us enjoy I really love e this ,She is sooooooooo hot,keep doin it Khanyie!!!!

    When it happens in some Countries and continents ,nobody complains but when its here hoooo klifi klifi klifi stop this and please stop that,we are still young and wanna see kinda things…
    And the sad thing she is not the one who published these pics for God’s sake…

    1. i totally agree with you, khanyi has got quite a sexy body that turns someone on at first sight. i am impressed, never knew she had such appealing features. to kanyi i say go a step further, market yoursef through media like penthouse, hustler e.t.c. you are too sexy mama.

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