Socialite Nonhle Thema did not make any friends last year with her narcissistic bragging and rude insults, but this year, she plans to keep quiet.

The controversial star, who has almost 100,000 followers on social network Twitter, made herself unpopular last year through several tirades where she turned a lot of her contemporaries against her. However, the star has told SowetanLive that she intends to be less controversial and concentrate on quality from now on.

Her dreams include building a business and helping to empower women. She told the newspaper: “I have now decided that my Twitter space will not carry random, not carefully thought out tweets in 2012. I am going to use the space to inspire and encourage the youth to be also entrepreneurial and become a success.”

Nonhle added that a lot of her insults were the result of pettiness among her contemporaries. She told SowetanLive: “This whole pull down syndrome comes from the generally held perception that as a young black person you cannot be successful in business, and therefore cannot be your own person.

“The fact is you can, and everything that I do in life is geared towards correcting that perception.”

Nonhle’s company, Nonhle Thema Merchandise, has just launched a fragrance called “Precious Ivy”, Nonhle Thema hair and a website called Nonhle and Bongani Fassie also collaborated for a song called “Precious Ivy”, which will appear on “Genesiqua”, Lagosh’s new album.

Do you think Nonhle can recover from a bad 2011?