More Possible Victims In Fix-A-Flat Butt Operations Come Forward: Cops 

Oneal Ron Morris
 is a 30-year-old transgender woman in South Florida responsible for performing illegal butt implants in women involving dangerous substances like cement and Fix-a-Flat tire sealant.

Oneal Ron Morris

Morris was arrested after posing as a doctor and providing cheap surgery to women who wanted more body.

Oneal Ron Morris also injected herself

More victims are coming forward in the bizarre case of Oneal Ron Morris, a transgender female who pretended to be a cosmetic surgeon.

This woman was too embarrassed to tell the doctors what she had done as she continued to go to the hospital with flu-like symptoms and infected sores.

She was referred to Morris by a friend and paid $700 in 2010 for the operation.

The 48-year old Narinesingh took the cheap route for cosmetic surgery after hearing about Morris through “word of mouth” in the transsexual community.

It becomes so dire that you want to match your outside with your inside that you’re willing to roll the dice and take your chances,” Narinesingh said. “As a transgender person, you’re thinking ‘Oh, my God, I can start to look like I want to look like and I don’t have to spend a lot of money.‘”

At least seven victims have come forward claiming to have had botched procedures performed on them by Morris.

Rajee Narinesingh
Rajee Narinesingh