The buzz started after photos and videos hit the Web that appeared to show her bulging mid-section to collapse as she sat down during the Australian talk show Sunday Night HD, suggesting she had a prosthetic stomach and that a surrogate was carrying her child.

But her rep, Yvette Noel-Schure, tells ABC the fake-bump rumors are “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

The pop diva, 30, says she and Jay-Z are expecting their first child in February.

These images capture the so called "FAKE BUMP"

Jay Z’s Love Child


In an apparent attempt to steal Beyonce and Jay-z’s ‘baby thunder’ news is circulating once again about Jayz’s secret love child. The rumor spreading like wild fire is that Jayz has a secret son with Trinidadian video model Shenelle Scott.

Jerald Andrews, who ‘thought’ he was the boy’s grandfather declared that DNA tests proved that Jay-Z was the dad of the now 9-year-old tyke. But when the New York Daily News contacted him on September 14th he denied having any knowledge there was a DNA test. Andrews said, “I know Shenelle, but I’ve never spoken to her or my son about this. They’re very private people. The stuff about the DNA test was on the Internet. It’s all from an old article on the Internet. I don’t know if it’s true.”

However, Star Magazine is also reporting that Jerald Andrews recently stated in an interview that his son, Malik Sayeed, was heartbroken when DNA proved he was not the baby daddy. Andrews stated,“At the time (the baby) was born, my son Malik thought he was his child, but they did DNA tests. It’s been determined that (the child is) Jay-Z’s baby.” Star Magazine also asserts that Andrews told them that Jay-Z gave Shenelle Scott $1 million in hush money, which she used to buy a home in Trinidad.