Gucci Men’s Digital Watches

Gucci has entered the digital age with these modern watches which let your friends know that you’ve truly arrived (or that you’re just independently wealthy).
Part of Gucci’s appropriately named iGucci series, these luxury LCD watches feature a cool round white-on-black display, set behind a sturdy sapphire crystal. The LCD combines a small dot-matrix display showing the current mode, and a pair of segmented displays which can show the time in two time zones simultaneously. I especially like the alternate display mode which shows the time using virtual analog hands.

It’s all set into a substantial stainless steel body that’s water resistant to 3-atmospheres (appx. 100-feet). You’ve got your choice of either a black or red rubber wristband, which of course features the inimitable GUCCI logotype.

Of course, all this upper-crusty goodness comes at a price. List price for the watches is around $1300 each, but I was able to find them over on eBay for under $1000. Such a deal.


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