This picture is so sublime...the cinematography is rich and very detailed
Background lighting is immaculate, The actors emotion almost makes you feel like you are there
Notice how the image is imbalance of the image and the background...creates a pefect imperfection
I love the effect the red dress brings on the shot it makes the grey background pop out!This shot is too much for words only one word..."Beautiful"
I think this shot summarizes a Job Well Done!!

This series was born through several encounters with members of various Rockabilly subculture groups in the city of Oslo, Norway.  From speaking to these individuals, I became fascinated with their way of living, their looks and their way of being. A world where the clock stopped in 1950.  A world from the past. So vintage; its clothes, its deco, its atmosphere and own social references derived from rock music and different subgenres.I continue to meet people from these groups, and I project myself into this world, parallel to ours. Like a desire to relive the past. I decided to follow them, to take photos of them, document them and tell their story.  The only thing I required from them, was to turn up to the shoot exactly the way they wanted to. We are almost in a documentary. The people are real. The places exist as well. Nothing is artificial or constructed. I capture the reality as it is. Then I create my own atmosphere, my vision, by using my light and my frames. Somehow they become actors where the main role is their own lives.